Falcons News · Lady Falcons Win

The lady Falcons track team competed at home last night for Senior night against Northeastern and union. The lady Falcons won with the score of 83 northeastern 55 and union 22. First place finishers for the Lady Falcons where Ella Baldwin in the 3200 relay 1600 m dash 800 meter run and 1600 relay, Morgan Lawrence in the 3200 relay, Gabi Rogers In The 3200 relay, Ryanne Lacy in the 3200 relay, 1600 relay and 400 meter dash, Caitlyn Campbell in the high jump, 300 hurdles, 1600 relay and 100 hurdles and Ana Von Strauss in the shot put, disc and 1600 relay. The lady falcons next track meet will be this Thursday at Monroe Central in the County!!